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2018 Annual Report To Residents

Tenants, Shared Owners and Leaseholders

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Message from Barry Thompson - Chair of the Board

Welcome to your 2018 Annual Report, my first as Chair of bdht.

This is a time of change at bdht, I have recently taken on the role of Chair from Maddie Bunker and wish to place on record my thanks to Maddie for all the work that she has put into bdht, building a culture where staff are motivated to put customer service at the heart of everything we do.

Our focus on customer care was reflected in the results of the customer satisfaction survey sent to all tenants last year, when nine out of ten said they were satisfied with the service provided by bdht. Nevertheless, the bdht Board believes we can still improve our service to you and have asked the organisation to continue to strive to achieve 95% customer satisfaction.

bdht - New Chief Executive

Change of Chief Executive

I have to report that after 14 years as Chief Executive, Mike Brown retired at the end of July.

Mike was appointed as bdht’s very first Chief Executive in 2004 and has overseen the following:

  • Transfer of stock from Bromsgrove District Council
  • Refurbishment programme to bring all transferred stock up to modern standards which included:
  • Modern bathrooms – to 2845 homes
  • Modern kitchens – to 2912 homes
  • Energy efficient gas boilers – to 2817 homes
  • Secure by design doors – to 3067 homes
  • Double glazed windows – to 1180 homes
  • Establishment of the Starlight Community Centre in Charford and other community focused activities
  • Provision of support services to help residents back into work
  • Reaching number 3 in The Sunday Times Best Companies awards and number 1 in the Great Places to Work awards

During this time, bdht has invested £119.5 million in improving existing homes, developing and acquiring new homes and enhancing local communities.

From the start, Mike was determined that bdht should be at the heart of helping to solve the housing crisis locally and the development of new homes has always been a strategic focus at bdht. During Mike’s tenure, bdht has been able to develop or acquire 753 new homes across Bromsgrove, Birmingham, Redditch, Solihull and Wychavon and it is fitting that during Mike’s final year our total number of homes reached 4,000.

This year is, therefore, a time of change at bdht, but only in personnel - not our culture or our priorities. I want to take this opportunity to introduce our new Chief Executive, Mark Robertson. Mark has also worked at bdht since 2004, firstly as Finance Director and more recently as Managing Director. Mark will ensure that organisational priorities set by the Board are delivered in the coming years.

Our priorities remain as:

  • Service excellence
  • Building neighbourhoods and communities
  • Providing housing solutions (including developing more new homes)
  • Good governance and value for money
bdht - Building 4000 new homes

Our Values


To care about the quality of services we provide to our customers and the welfare of the Trust’s employees.


To enable our customers to access and choose services wherever possible and empower the Trust’s employees to deliver high standards of customer service.


To deliver a consistently excellent service to all customers and to always be fair in the day to day support of the Trust’s employees.


To only promise services to customers that we can reliably deliver and be an employer who is trustworthy and acts with integrity.


To display a positive “can-do” approach to customer service and support and encourage the Trust’s employees in this respect.

Meeting the standards

There are seven national standards that a housing provider is expected to meet. During 2017/18 we have met in full the:

  • Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard – customer service, choice and complaints, involvement and empowerment, understanding and responding to diverse needs
  • Home Standard – quality of accommodation, repairs and maintenance
  • Tenancy Standard – allocations and tenancies
  • Neighbourhoods and Community Standard – neighbourhood management, local area co-operation and dealing with anti-social behaviour
  • Rent Standard
  • Value for Money Standard
  • Governance & Financial Viability Standard

During 2017/18, we have also continued to deliver services as promised within our offer to customers.

Listening and involving you

Our offer to you

We aim to deliver excellent customer service in a way that suits you.

We will treat you fairly, with courtesy and respect.

Customer service - how have we performed?

Percentage of homes meeting the Decent Homes Standard

Infographic - Percentage
Infographic - Percentage
Icon - Happy Face

Satisfaction with the aids and adaptation service

Infographic - Percentage
Infographic - Percentage
Icon - Sad Face
bdht - Rank 2 Best place to work
logo - mybdht

Last year we introduced a new way for you to access our services digitally, through the mybdht platform. So far, over 400 residents have registered to use this facility to:

  • Report repairs
  • View their rent account
  • Pay their rent
  • Report complaints
  • Provide feedback

If you haven’t already done so, please start taking advantage of this great new service. If you need any help getting started please contact us by email at or by phone on 0800 0850 160.

Great Places

We believe that well motivated staff deliver excellent customer service. We put as much effort into staff satisfaction as customer satisfaction and have benchmarked ourselves against the best organisations in the country through Great Places to Work.

Our second place in the Medium Sized Organisations category in 2018 confirms bdht as a ‘great place to work’. By being a great employer, this helps us retain and attract the best staff to deliver services to you.

Arrow Visit Great Places to Work
logo - mybdht


of our staff told Great Places that bdht is “a great place to work”, allowing them to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Customer Involvement

Our offer to you

We will ensure you are listened to and give you opportunities to be involved. You can be involved in a number of ways to help improve services for everyone.

You can participate in the following ways: (subject to vacancies and selection)

  • Cleaning Inspector
  • Grounds Maintenance Inspector
  • Tenant Mystery Shoppers
  • Member of the Tenant Panel (membership limited to 9 tenants, 1 leaseholder and 1 shared owner)
  • Member of bdht Board
  • Completing customer surveys

If you would like more information about any of these options and the rewards available to participating tenants, please contact the Business Improvement team via the mybdht website portal, by email at or call us for free on 0800 0850 160.

bdht - Tenant Panel

Tenant Panel - vacancy for leasehold member

If you are a bdht leaseholder and would be interested in joining the Tenant Panel, please contact Tim Young, Head of Business Improvement, for more information via the mybdht website portal, by email at or call us for free on 0800 0850 160.

Customer results – Star Survey – Tenants

Thank you to every one of the 1312 tenants who provided feedback through the 2017 customer satisfaction survey sent to all tenants. The results show continuing high levels of satisfaction, although there remains room for us to improve. We are continually looking at the feedback we receive from customers to identify how we can improve services.

Infogrpahic - Statistic

Satisfaction with repairs and maintenance was 89% in 2013 *Top 25% of landlords

Infogrpahic - Statistic

Satisfaction with neighbourhood as a place to live was 96% in 2013 *Below industry average

Infogrpahic - Statistic

Satisfaction with Rent as value for money was 84% in 2013 *Below industry average

Infogrpahic - Statistic

Satisfaction with Views being taken Into account was 74% in 2013 *Above industry average

Infogrpahic - Statistic

Satisfaction with bdht as a landlord was 92% in 2013 *Above industry average

During 2017/18

Infogrpahic - Statistic
Infogrpahic - Statistic
Infogrpahic - Statistic
Infogrpahic - Statistic

You said, we did

Tenants who have participated in the above activities have helped improve many services including:

Cleaning Inspectors - Tenant Panel

Communal Cleaning standards being met:

Infogrpahic - Statistic
Infogrpahic - Statistic

Customer Surveys - Tenant Panel

Re-Let Homes Standard met in full:

Infogrpahic - Statistic
Infogrpahic - Statistic

Tenant Mystery Shoppers

  • Promotion of mybdht
  • Access to improved information about shared ownership properties for frontline staff
  • Greater clarity in automated telephone answering recordings
  • Improved monitoring of text messages received and answered
  • Improved checking of customers current contact details

Customer Surveys - Tenant Panel

  • Focus on completing more repairs “right first visit”
  • Review the way we support victims of Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Working with the NHS to reduce waiting times for Occupational Therapy assessments
  • Improved post-sale liaison with shared owners

Grounds Maintenance Inspectors

  • Maintaining high standards of service
  • Standards met in 95% of tenant inspections in 2017/18

Complaints, Compliments and Feedback

Our offer to you

We will respond quickly to complaints and learn from our mistakes.

Your feedback is really important to helping us improve services for you and your neighbours. Thank you to all of those who took time last year to let us know how you felt.

Please continue to let us know how you feel, good or bad, so that, we can learn. You can do so via our website portal, by email to or by freephone 0800 0850 160.

If you are dissatisfied with any action we have taken or failed to take, or the standard of service provided, please tell us. We will try to resolve your complaint quickly either through a “quick fix” (within two working days) for simpler issues or through a formal complaint for more complex problems (within 15 working days).

During 2017/18, the total number of complaints received fell slightly compared to 2016/17.

bdht - Jasmin Grove Properties

Formal Complaints



Icon - Directional Arrow



Icon - Directional Arrow



Icon - Directional Arrow



Quick Fix Complaints



Icon - Directional Arrow



Icon - Directional Arrow



Icon - Directional Arrow



Total Complaints



Icon - Directional Arrow



Icon - Directional Arrow



Icon - Directional Arrow



Of those more complex formal complaints, 89% were resolved at the first stage of our internal complaints process, similar to the 88% achieved during 2016/17.

When we looked into these complaints, in over half of the cases (55%) we agreed with our customer that there had been a service failure and agreed action to rectify the failure.

The main cause of formal complaints during 2017/18 were:

Poor Communication

Icon - Speech Bubble





Delays to completing repairs

Icon - Clock





Poor Customer Service

Icon - Clock





Handling of anti-social behaviour

Icon - Clock





With bdht completing, on average, around 12,000 repairs each year, the number of complaints about this service is small. However, the number of complaints about repair delays doubled last year compared to 2016/17. We are, therefore, now focusing on completing more jobs “right first time”. This should not only reduce the number of visits required to complete a single repair, but in the long term reduce overall waiting times.

We operate a simple two-stage complaint process. Tenants still dissatisfied at the end of this process can contact a “designated person” (a local District Councillor or any MP) and ultimately take their complaint to the Independent Housing Ombudsman.

During 2017/18, two complaints were escalated to the Housing Ombudsman. Whilst we are not complacent, we are proud that in the past 14 years no complaint against bdht has been upheld by the Ombudsman.

During 2017/18 we recorded 147 compliments.

Your Home

Our off to you

During 2017/18, bdht spent £3,855,050 improving, repairing, maintaining and adapting customers’ homes.

Routine maintenance

Planned maintenance

Capital works





Improvements and adaptations - how have we performed?

Percentage of homes meeting the Decent Homes Standard

Infographic - Percentage
Infographic - Percentage
Icon - Happy Face

Satisfaction with the aids and adaptation service

Infographic - Percentage
Infographic - Percentage
Icon - Happy Face

Satisfaction with planned works delivered

Infographic - Percentage
Infographic - Percentage
Icon - Happy Face

Number of adaptations completed

Infographic - Percentage
Infographic - Percentage
Icon - Happy Face
Diagram - External Repairs Diagram - Internal Repairs

Management of planned works

Previously, the day to day management of planned works has been undertaken by a main contractor. The main contractor then used sub-contractors to undertake the work. Customers told us that they felt bdht was too remote from the management of these works and too often they felt they were not treated as customers by those undertaking the work.

As a result of this customer feedback, 2017/18 saw big changes with all management and procurement being directly undertaken by our in-house team of experienced and customer-focused surveyors and dedicated Customer Liaison Officer.

We are really pleased that this new approach has been recognised by customers, with 98% of customers whose homes have undergone planned works expressing satisfaction with the work undertaken.

bdht - Surveying Team

Fire risk assessment

The safety of our customers is of paramount importance for bdht. Fire risk assessments have been undertaken for all communal areas and resulting action plans fully implemented. The tragedy of Grenfell Tower shows the importance of this work. We can assure customers that none of our properties are clad in materials similar to those used at Grenfell.

We continue to carry out regular fire risk assessments for all communal areas and it is important that everyone helps us to maintain these areas by keeping them free from obstructions.

Resurfacing car parks and paths

During 2017/18, we spent £152,000 resurfacing a number of car parks, garage sites and footpaths in Charford.

bdht - Location Communal Parking

Equipment and adaptations

Where homes need to be adapted to help tenants live independently, we will undertake works up to a value of £1,000. Works costing more than this will be referred to the local authority for grant funding.

During 2017/18, bdht spent £130,027 completing 154 adaptations to tenants’ homes to meet their changing housing needs, as well as maintaining existing adaptations.

By funding two part-time Occupational Therapy (OT) posts, we continue to work with the NHS to reduce the waiting times for OT assessments for our residents compared to the average NHS waiting time.

We are also actively working to undertake as many simple, minor works without the need for an OT assessment through our trained operatives and sheltered living team.

If you think you need an adaptation made to your home, please contact bdht to get a quicker and more efficient service.1

bdht - Tenant & Occupational Therapist

1 For adaptations costing under £1,000. Adaptations over this limit have to be referred for grant funding through the local authority.

Repairing your home

Our offer to you

During 2017/18 we:

Carried out





on completing these repairs

Spent an average of


per repair

Customers have told us that they prefer repairs to be undertaken by our in-house teams and “right first time” wherever possible.

Our repairs performance during 2017/18:

Repairs completed by appointment

Infographic - Percentage


Infographic - Percentage


Icon - bdht happy face

Emergency repairs completed in same day

Infographic - Percentage


Infographic - Percentage


Icon - bdht happy face

Repairs completed within 20 days

Infographic - Percentage


Infographic - Percentage


Icon - bdht neutral face

Repairs completed right first time

Infographic - Percentage


Infographic - Percentage


Icon - bdht sad face

Roofing team update

During 2017/18 our in-house roofing team:

Carried out


roofing repairs



on completing these repairs

Spent an average of


per repair

Right first time

Going forward into 2018/19, our teams will be focused on completing more jobs in a single visit, minimising inconvenience to you. To do this we will:

  • Extend where appropriate the time scheduled to complete the repair
  • Review the standard items of stock carried by operatives
  • Where possible, undertake additional works identified whilst on site

Repairs MOT

In 2017/18, 29 residents signed up to receive the Repairs MOT service. This service offers a three hour visit every six months to undertake small repairs, reducing the number of visits needed and the need to ring in non-urgent repairs.

If you would like to receive this service please call us on 0800 0850 160.

Periodic electrical checks

As part of our approach to ensuring the health and safety of our tenants, we are working to complete electrical checks to all our homes once every five years.

During 2017/18, we completed electrical checks to 337 properties and will complete checks to an additional 338 homes during 2018/19. We also carry out electrical testing before re-letting vacant homes and as part of our planned electrical upgrades.

bdht - Electrical Team

Gas repairs to your home

Our offer to you

Gas servicing



over 800 customers

gave us their

views of the

gas repairs service.


of customers were

satisfied with the

annual gas safety

service undertaken



we completed gas

safety checks to


homes at a cost of


Your safety is our top priority. To continue to keep you safe we need you to provide us with access to your home each year to complete our annual gas safety check. It is a legal requirement to have an up-to-date gas safety certificate. On the rare occasions that customers fail to provide access, we take court action to gain entry.

On 31st March 2018, an internal validation check identified that 27 of our homes were without a valid gas safety certificate. Certificates to these homes had expired between one and five months previously. Once identified, tenants were contacted immediately and safety checks completed. Additional daily checks and reporting have been put in place to ensure this cannot happen again.

This issue was promptly reported to the regulator by bdht. The regulator found that, based on the relatively small number of properties affected, short time scales involved and action plan to resolve the issue, no breach of the Home Standard had occurred.

What we check as part of your gas service:

  • The gas meter is working properly
  • Your boiler is maintained and safe
  • Pipework
  • Visual inspection of your gas cooker
  • Gas safety check on gas fires installed by us
  • Tenants’ own fires have a valid gas safety and flue check

Everyone’s first gas servicing appointment will be a minimum of 28 days before your certificate is due to expire. Your appointment will be earlier than your certificate expiry date, this is because we want to be sure that we can complete the service within time and still have team members free to make any repairs during the winter.

If a weekday appointment is inconvenient, Saturday appointments are available on request.

We want to reduce inconvenience to customers caused by repeated heating failures. During 2017/18, we fitted new energy efficient boilers to 221 homes. We are continuing to invest in modernising heating systems and use repair data to focus replacement programmes on those boilers breaking down most often.

Gas servicing - how have we performed?

Emergency gas repairs completed in the same day

Infographic - Percentage


Infographic - Percentage


Icon - bdht Happy Face

Gas repairs completed within 20 days

Infographic - Percentage


Infographic - Percentage


Icon - bdht Happy Face

Gas repairs completed right first visit

Infographic - Percentage


Infographic - Percentage


Icon - bdht Sad Face

Homes with a valid gas safety certificate at 31st March 2018

Infographic - Percentage


Infographic - Percentage


Icon - bdht Sad Face

As with other repairs, during 2018/19 our gas team will be focusing on completing a higher percentage of gas repairs in a single visit.

Services for shared owners

As at 31st March 2018, bdht managed 176 shared ownership properties. bdht now offers every shared owner an annual home visit. During 2017/18, 15 shared owners took up our offer of a visit (just 9% of shared owners). If you have not yet taken up this opportunity and have any questions, please contact our Home Ownership Team.

During 2017, we asked all shared owners to rate the services we provided. 60 residents replied.


of respondents stated overall satisfaction with services provided by bdht, an increase from


in 2015

You said, we did

Thank you to everyone who responded and your comments about how services could be improved. The most frequent comments regarded grounds maintenance. As a result of your feedback, the Development and Environmental Services teams will be:

Help with gas repairs and servicing

We know how important it is to you to keep your gas appliances safe and in working order. We also know from your feedback that you would like help with this. We are pleased to announce the introduction of a gas repairs service for shared owners.

The service is now available and includes:

* All prices include VAT. You will receive a Gas Safety Certificate after each service (excludes repairs to solar panels).




Boiler and gas fire


Boiler and gas cooker


Boiler, fire and cooker

Gas repairs service

This covers repairs to your boiler and an annual service and costs £12.50 per month payable by direct debit. There is an excess of £60.00 for each repair.

Services for leaseholders

As at 31st March 2018, bdht managed 200 leasehold units. We can now offer the same gas servicing and repair services to leaseholders as we do for shared owners (see above).

During 2017, we asked all leaseholders to rate the services we provided.


residents replied and


of respondents stated overall satisfaction with services provided by bdht, an increase from


in 2015

Repairing and re-letting vacant homes

Our offer to you

We will ensure that you have a decent home to live in. During 2017/18, 376 bdht properties were vacated (10% of our total stock), this compares to 269 during the previous year.

Due to the high number of vacancies during 2017/18 and the expected continued high turnover generated by our development programme, we have recruited two more operatives to our in-house voids repair team to ensure properties continue to be repaired to our standard and let as quickly as possible.

The total cost of repairing vacant properties during 2017/18 was £927,278. Although re-let times and costs are just above target, service delivery has generated very high levels of satisfaction amongst new tenants.

Repairs to empty properties - how have we performed?

Average time to re-let properties







Icon - bdht sad face

Average cost of repairing empty properties





Icon - bdht sad face

Tenant satisfaction with the allocation process





Icon - bdht happy face

Tenant satisfaction with condition of the re-let home – did property meet the letting standard?





Icon - bdht happy face

During 2017/18 we rehoused 513 households.

Mutual exchanges


tenants swapped homes during 2017/18 and 100% were approved within timescale

27 - 2014/15

36 - 2015/16

28 - 2016/17

28 - 2017/18

The average time taken to process applications to exchange during 2017/18 was 31 days.

If you are looking to move homes, you may be interested in joining HomeSwapper, which is a website to help customers identify others who want to exchange homes. Access to the site is free for bdht customers and you will be able to advertise your property and receive automatic matches for your needs. Just visit for more information.

Logo - HomeSwapper

Neighbourhoods and communities

Our offer to you

  • We will work with you to make your communities a nice place to live
  • We will help to reduce crime and tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  • We will support people to find employment opportunities and access benefits and training available to them
  • We will help people and communities to reach their full potential


We aim to make our communities a nice place to live and to do this we have been pro-actively dealing with anti-social behaviour in our communities. This year we have taken formal action through the courts on four households for either fraud or anti-social behaviour. Our aim is to prevent anti-social behaviour where we can and therefore a number of initiatives have been undertaken, such as installing security lighting, providing extra security on communal doors and working within local schools to raise awareness about ASB.

We also provide support to residents to help them fulfil their potential. In partnership with Bromsgrove District Council, we secured a further three years’ funding for our support service, the Sunrise Project. In addition, we have been awarded further funding to extend the contracts of our two job coaches, who provide support to anyone looking to enter or return to employment. If you would like further information on employment support, please contact us on 0800 0850 160.

bdht provides the housing options and homeless service on behalf of Bromsgrove District Council. We were successful this year in retaining the contract for a further three years.

Last year we were again able to host two community fun days in Charford and Sidemoor, with around 600 customers attending. With the continuing success of the fun days, we ran another two similar events in August this year.

Sheltered living

The Sheltered Living service continues to provide a service our residents want, with over 75% of eligible households engaged with the service. This year we have opened a new internet café in Gilbert Court and provided new LED lighting in the communal areas of Crabtree Court. This has reduced our carbon emissions and also reduced customer service charges.

We are currently looking at how we can improve the communal areas at Willow Court, creating a light and welcoming atrium with wifi and ICT facilities.

bdht Job Coach bdht Community Fun Day

Starlight Community Centre

As well as being a fully functional café and buffet service, the Starlight Café in Charford is the central hub for a lot of our community initiatives. It provides:

  • Work experience and volunteering opportunities
  • Youth clubs and craft groups
  • Autism club and associated specialist services
  • IT training and adult literacy courses
  • Addiction recovery groups
  • Senior citizens lunch club
  • Weekly job clubs and employability courses
  • Digital support and access to online services
  • Bromsgrove parenting and family services

For more information contact the Starlight Community Centre on 01527 833886.

bdht Internet Cafe

Communal cleaning update

Boxer Facilities Management continues to provide cleaning services to communal areas. Tenant cleaning inspectors monitor the service and during 2017/18 the inspectors agreed that standards had been met on 97% of occasions. Where standards are not met, the environmental services team liaises with the contractor to rectify the situation.

We currently have a number of blocks with vacancies for cleaning inspectors.

If you would like to know more about becoming a cleaning inspector, please contact us via mybdht, or on 0800 0850 160.

Grounds maintenance update

Oakleaf Grounds Services Ltd continues to provide grass cutting and environmental services for bdht. During the growing season, March to October, Oakleaf aims to cut communal grassed areas once in every 17 days. During 2017/18, we carried out a full survey of all the trees on our communal land to understand the condition of the trees and to identify any required maintenance work. We are now carrying out these works on a planned, prioritised basis.

Again, our grounds maintenance tenant inspectors keep a watchful eye to make sure standards are maintained.

Where we are building

bdht continues in its commitment to developing new affordable homes to meet the housing needs of local people. From 2017/18 we are working towards a target of completing 100 new homes every year.

During 2017/18, we completed 73 new properties and acquired an additional 41 homes.

bdht map - Where we are building
bdht map - Bromsgrove Details
bdht map - Redditch Details
bdht map - Selly Oak Details

Market Rent

In March 2018, bdht extended its market rent portfolio with the purchase of an additional 41 homes from Forward Housing. We wish to extend a warm welcome to our new customers at Hornbeam Close and Swarthmore Road in Selly Oak, Birmingham.

DW Marshall provides the grounds maintenance services for bdht at our market rental schemes in Solihull and Selly Oak. DW Marshall covers all aspects of communal grounds maintenance including grass cutting, weed spraying and hedge cutting.

We have recently carried out a full survey of all the trees on the communal land at both of these sites to understand the condition of the trees and to identify any required maintenance work.

We have vacancies for grounds maintenance inspectors. If you would like to know more about becoming an inspector please contact us via mybdht or at or on 0800 0850 160.

Photo - Selly Oak Housing

Paying your rent/paying for services

Rents performance

Despite external pressures impacting on customers, our rent first culture has ensured high levels of rent collection, essential to our ability to continue providing high levels of service.

Rent collection and arrears - how have we performed?

Rent collected (as a % of rent due)

Icon - Target



Icon - Result



Icon - bdht Happy Face

Rent arrears (as a % of rent due)

Icon - Target



Icon - Result



Icon - bdht Happy Face

Universal Credit update

Universal Credit will roll out in Bromsgrove to all new claimants of working age from 12th September 2018. Universal Credit is paid directly to the claimant and they will be responsible for paying their rent directly to bdht. To ensure we continue to provide ongoing support to customers who are struggling to pay their rent, we will be able to offer budgeting advice and refer people to specialist debt advisors.

If you are struggling to meet your rent payments, please contact the Financial Inclusion Team as early as possible. We are here to help.

For independent advice about Universal Credit and how this could affect you, contact the Money Advice Service via or telephone 0800 138 7777


As part of our rent first culture, we have reviewed our payment options this year. To enhance the payment options available we have already introduced recurring card payments as an alternative to standing orders. In addition, a mobile card payment reader is available so card payments can be taken when visiting customers in person.

This year we have also launched mybdht, which enables you to make rent payments online with your allpay card.

We will continue to work on alternative payment options whilst phasing out a number of previous payment methods.

Due to the introduction of Universal Credit we will see an increase to our costs in collecting rent. To minimise this impact we have reviewed our most expensive methods of payment and we will be stopping accepting cheques and cash payments from December 2018. However, we will be introducing weekly direct debits and a 24 hour automated phone payment line.

Value for money

So, where does our money come from and how is it spent?

During 2017/18 we received £22,460,225 from the following sources:

Income per £ of income (pence)

bdht - Income Explained

Expenditure per £ of income spent (pence)

bdht - Expenditure Explained

Sector efficiency scorecard

We appreciate that customers have faced a squeeze in their income over recent years and bdht is no exception. Over the last three years we have reduced rents by 1% per annum and we will do so again in 2019/20. This has presented challenges and we are doing everything possible to improve efficiency whilst maintaining quality in front line service delivery.

During 2017, bdht participated in a sector-wide benchmarking of efficiency (the “Sector Scorecard”). Latest available benchmarks, relating to performance during 2016/17, show a very favourable performance by bdht compared to our peers, with our performance being better than the group average in 8 out of 12 indicators, with a further two measures neutral.

As a result, our overall headline social housing costs per unit are lower than average for the sector.

Regulator of social housing financial assessment



Social housing cost per unit 2016/17

Median for all Housing Associations


Social housing cost per unit 2016/17

Icon - Directional Arrow Value for money statement

Governance and financial viability

bdht is independently assessed by its regulatory body, the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH). The result of the most recent assessment saw bdht maintaining the highest possible rating for financial viability (V1) and governance (G1). These assessments can be viewed in full here.

The Board is responsible for the performance of our organisation. The Board sets out our strategic direction and ensures that we comply with legislation and regulation, and that it manages risks faced by the organisation.

Board Members

bdht Board - Barry Thompson

Barry Thompson

Board Member
Chair of the Board

bdht Board - Mary Miller

Mary Miller

Board Member
Chair Elect of Board
Chair of the Development & New Business Committee

bdht Board - Adam Wagner

Adam Wagner

Board Member
Chair of the Compliance Committee

bdht Board - Vikki Holloway

Vikki Holloway

Board Member

bdht Board - Peter Worthington

Peter Worthington

Board Member
Chair of the Performace & Review Committee

bdht Board - Rachel Ward

Rachel Ward

Board Member
Chair of the Remuneration Committee

bdht Board - Emma Windsor

Emma Windsor

Board Member

bdht Board - Edwina Evans

Edwina Evans

Chair of Tenant Panel
Permanent Invitee

bdht - Current Vacancies

Current Vacancies

bdht is currently in the process of recruiting two suitably qualified candidates for these vacancies

Ways to get in touch

Icon - computer


Icon - text

Text: 88020 start your message with the word bdht

Icon - mail

Letter: FREEPOST bdht

Icon - man

In person: bdht offices, Buntsford Court

Icon - tweet